Round steak with mushroom gravy

Round steak with mushroom gravy


There’s not much I love more than an easy crockpot meal.  There’s something so wonderful about coming home to a delicious smelling dinner almost ready to eat with minimal work involved.  It’s like sweet little fairies came in and prepared a wonderful meal for you while you were gone.

Thanks crockpot fairies!  While I was running around like a chicken with my head cut off today, you were home tenderizing my grass-fed beef and making my home smell delightful.  I heart you crockpot!  You make this busy momma’s life a little easier.

This dish is one that my mom used to make frequently when I was a kid.  She used seasoned round steak with a can of condensed golden mushroom soup.  While I love the simplicity of the two ingredients, we all know a little better now that canned soups are not all that great for us.  This particular one is chock full of all kinds of goodies including MSG, hydrogenated oils, and artificial colorings.  YUM!  :)

Thankfully this one wasn’t too hard to make with real food.  I simply subbed real beef broth, fresh mushrooms, garlic, salt, pepper, and some thickening.  It was simple and delicious, and one that I look forward to making again and again.


Crockpot round steak



Round steak with mushroom gravy

2 round steaks (preferably grass-fed)

1.5 c. beef broth (homemade is best)  Mine had no salt added

1 clove garlic minced

1 tsp sea salt

pepper to taste

4oz. mushrooms (roughly chopped)

1 T. arrowroot powder or non-GMO cornstarch

1 T. water


Place round steaks, beef broth, garlic, salt and pepper into crockpot.  Cook on low for eight hours.  The last hour, add the mushrooms.  Before serving, remove the meat.  Combine water and arrowroot powder to make a slurry.  Add the slurry to the hot liquid in the crockpot and whisk to combine.  Let sauce cook a few minutes until thickened.  I like to break up the meat a bit before adding it back to the sauce to make it stretch further.  Serve over egg noodles, rice, or mashed potatoes.

Egg noodle recipes:  Soaked whole wheat egg noodles  or Basick quick egg noodles


Note:  This easily served all four of us, but it wasn’t “meat heavy”.  The mushrooms allowed me to stretch the meat further.  We each only ate a half of a round steak a piece.  If you require more meat you may need to double this recipe.
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  1. says

    my mom used to make a baked pork chop dish with cream of mushroom soup that I have now adapted to using real mushrooms and cream. so delicious, and reminds me of the comfort food of childhood, but healthier! man, I grew up on so many dishes made with cream of mushroom soup

    • Tara says

      My mom made something similar, but in the crockpot as well. I bet it would be delicious in the oven. Those cream of whatever soup dishes sure do scream comfort.


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